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I will explain the goal and history of this website. Some information on how to book me for your next rail event is given as well. Lastly, copyright and the privacy policy applicable on this site is addressed. I know, it's a lot of text, but you navigated here, so it seems to me you are up for the task!

A railfan, rail buff, or train buff, railway enthusiast or railway buff, trainspotter or anorak is a person interested, recreationally, in rail transport. Definition from Wikipedia


Do you like taking photos or making videos? But what do you do with it afterwards, just let it gather dust in an archive? Of course not! So that is what I was thinking back in 2003 when I created my first website about trains. Since then the goal was and still is to show my best rail photos and videos to the public.


If you would like me to be present at your next rail event, you can always contact me using the contact form.


You might ask yourself why you have never stumbled upon this site if it already existed since 2003. Well, that's because I had different projects under different names. The table below shows a summary:

Year Name Description
2003 TrainStation My first website ever and yes, it was about trains, what else?!
2007 Railchallenge Old YouTube account with train videos
2016 Treinspoor Blog about different train topics
2019 Railfan.be Showcase of all my rail photos and videos since 2003


All photos have been made by and are owned by Tim Ameye, the author of this website. It is prohibited by law to reuse these photos in any way without the written consent by the author.

The descriptive text shown with the photos is based on Wikipedia articles which means that the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License applies on those texts. I would like to sincerely thank the respective authors.

Privacy policy (GDPR)

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