Rail trails

Railway lines turned into shared-use paths for walking, cycling and sometimes horse-riding.

Spoorlijn 64: Stroroute
Stroroute 11 km
This rail trail follows the disused railway line 64 from Roeselare to Ieper. Along the trail, the preserved railway station of Zonnebeke is encountered.
Halluin - Tourcoing
Halluin - Tourcoing 12 km
This rail trail is part of a 47 km old railway line that connected Somain with Halluin. It offers amazing views as the line goes through the countryside.
Spoorlijn 65: Kezelbergroute
Kezelbergroute 9 km
Railway line 65 from Roeselare to Menen has been partly turned into a rail trail. Follow this trail to pass along Kezelberg Military Cemetery.